SENSE-PV Photovoltaic Systems

Building on the strong backdrop of SUNBIRD, our new range of SENSE-PV Solar Energy Products continue the tradition and precepts of our expertise and genuine service throughout the Island and the Maldives...

Providing the customer with a choice with value-for-money, our Standard, Deluxe and Premium range of packages are tailored to suit the average home consumer with a view to minimizing and indeed zeroing his monthly electricity bill. These systems are recommended taking into consideration the annual fluctuations of solar availability and also could be customised to suit specific requirements.

Premium 6Kw
6Kw (630 units per month)

Premium 15Kw
15Kw (1575 units per month)

SPS Istem PV Module

Solar PV Accessories

Standard 10KW
10Kw (1050 units per month)

Standard 2Kw
2Kw (210 units per month)

Standard 6Kw
6Kw (630 units per month)

Premium 1.5Kw
1.5Kw (158 units per month)

Premium 4Kw
4Kw (420 units per month)

Premium 12Kw
12Kw (1260 units per month)

Standard 25Kw

SMA Inverters