As an alternative option we also offer the Standard Panels together with the Branded European Inverter in this range of DELUXE products.


PANELS: Chint (Astronergy)

  • Made in    CHINA
  • Warranty   25 Years


  • Made in    GERMANY
  • Warranty   10 Years


  • DC Surge Protector
  • AC Surge Protector
  • Isolater Switch
  • Digital Meter (output monitoring)
  • DC Wiring
  • Panel Mounting

Available Range: 1.5Kw, 2.5Kw, 3Kw, 4Kw, 5Kw, 6Kw, 8Kw, 10Kw, 12Kw, 15Kw, 20Kw, 25Kw

Deluxe 5Kw
5Kw (525 Units per month)