The STANDARD Range of products comprise of  "A" grade products coupled together with a comprehensive warranty period. STANDARD units boast both quality as well as efficiency together with a streamined after sales service. As the name implies STANDARD products have become the residential and industrial standard for PV Solar systems in Sri Lanka. 



PANELS: Chint Power(Astronergy)
  • Country of Origin   PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA
  • Warranty   25 Years

INVERTER: Chint Power
  • Country of Origin   PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA
  • Warranty   10 Years




High Efficiency
  • Max efficiency of 98.3%



  • Euro efficiency of 97.7%



  • >=99.9% MPPT efficiency
High Reliability
  • Electrolyte-free design - for improved long-term reliability


  • Fan-less design for further reduced noise levels


  • Integrated DC switch



  • GFCI embedded



  • Comprehensive protection functions
  • 10 Years
Broad Adaptability
  • 2 MPPT Trackers for wider application range



  • Higher power for each MPPT tracker for flexible configuration


  • Wide input voltage and MPPT range



  • IP65 protection degree for outdoor applications


  • EMC class B



  • Active power derating, over frequency derating and reactive power regulation


  • Low voltage ride through (CEI 0-21)



  • Standard RS485, USB, Optional Ethernet, Zigbee


  • Stadard USB for firmware upgrade



  • 3rd party monitoring





  • DC Surge Protector
  • AC Surge Protector
  • Isolater Switch
  • Digital Meter (output monitoring)
  • DC Wiring
  • Panel Mounting

Available Range: 1Kw, 1.5Kw, 2Kw, 3Kw, 4Kw, 5Kw, 6Kw, 8Kw, 10Kw, 12Kw, 20Kw, 25Kw

Standard 8Kw
8Kw (840 units per month)

Standard 5Kw
5Kw (525 Units per month)

Standard 3Kw
3Kw (315 Units per month)

Standard 1.5Kw
1.5Kw (158 units per month)

Standard 10KW
10Kw (1050 units per month)

Standard 25Kw

Standard 12Kw
12Kw (1260 units per month)

Standard 6Kw
6Kw (630 units per month)

Standard 4Kw
4Kw (420 units per month)

Standard 2Kw
2Kw (210 units per month)

Standard 1 KW
1Kw (105 units per month)

Standard 20Kw
20Kw (2100 units per month)