C E N T R A L   Systems

Central Systems are designed for large projects such as hotels and hospitals generally over 2000 Ltr capacity units.
These systems can provide hot water to any room in any floor within seconds. Our central systems work equally well in all properties with any number of floors and rooms.

By using a solar central system you will be saving massive amounts on your energy spending for providing your clients with hot water.

This is highly recommended for hotels/resorts both currently operating or under construction looking to provide your clients with the comfort of hot water at no extra energy cost.

Standard or Tube type  
For large projects  
Pressure bearable up to 6 bars  
Warranty 5 years  
Can be used with a Pressure Pump  
Available Capacities:  
1000 Ltr  
2000 Ltr  
4000 Ltr  
Large-array/Custom Systems  

   Please do contact us for a quotation.


Central - 2000L