F L A T - P L A T E   Ceramic Coated


These units are specifically adapted for Hard Water areas.


  • Ceramic-Coated, 3mm thick Mild-Steel Tank with high-grade polyfoam insulation.

  • Tanks are protected against sedimentation of calcium and thus increases the lifetime of the tank by preventing corrosion

  • Sunbird is the pioneer in providing this solution to areas with hard water

  • Can use with pressure pumps, tested to withstand pressures of upto 6 bars


5 Year Warranty

  • Tank: Ceramic Coated  Steel 3.0 mm, enameled with high stability preventing corrosion.
  • Anti-corrosion protection is completed by sacrificial anode.
  • Insulation: Polyurathene Foam 2″
  • Outer cover: Aluminium
  • Side Cups: Fibreglass (UV stabilized)
  • Panel: Adaptable to Flat Plate or Vacuum Tube Manifold.
  • Inlet: 1″ (20mm PVC connector with Non-Return Valve)
  • Outlet: 3/4″ (15mm Polybutelene connector) and Air-relief Valve/Anti-Vacuuming Device assembly
  • Pressure Relief (safety) Valve
  • Washout Valve
  • Electrical Booster Element: SS rod type with auto thermostat control



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