P T N   S E R I E S

"Polytherm" (Non Pressure-bearable) Systems

♦   Non Pressure-bearable Systems suited for Non-Potable Water

♦   Reaches temperatures of 90° - 95°C

PTN Series

The PTN Series (with "Polytherm" inner tank) is especially developed for use with NON-POTABLE water. It is an open-circuit solar water heater that uses the highly efficient Evacuated Tube technology and performs equally well in areas of low and areas of high solar energy (such as the central highlands). The system is suited to application where water lines have low-pressure (< 0.5bars). They can be installed on most roof/slabs, and is a reliable product designed to last a lifetime.

The evacuated tubes capture a high degree of solar irradiation by the selective coated inner surface contained within a glass vacuum, heating the water directly in the tubes. By the principle known as the Solar-siphon Effect the heated water is transfered to the storage tank ready for your use - hot water free from the sun!



This product is covered for all manufacturing defects for installation and use within standard parameters for potable water.

(1 year warranty on the Heating Element provided)



Specially covered for installation and use for non-potable water (Hard water areas).

(Heating Element provided is not covered for use in bad (Non-potable) water conditions.)



• Standard Vacuum Tubes

• Suitable for Hard-water/High Iron content

• Operating Pressure:  less than 0.05Mpa (<0.5bar)

• Suitable for areas with low sunshine

• Cannot use with a pressure booster pump

• Winner of Presidential Award in Energy


• Delivery pressure is determined by unit head

• Easy-to-do regular maintenance required

• Stainless Steel anchoring brackets for roof/slab

• Overhead tank should be <2m of unit

• Economical Solution


• For installations with Non-potable water, Assistant Tank will not be provided


Hotwater Storage Tank

• Heat-bearable Plastic/Teflon Inner Tank

• Long lasting aluminum outer body

• Electrical Backup  (3kw / 1.5kw)


• Machine-injected high-density Polyurethane foam insulation  (50mm)

• UV stabilized fiberglass side covers

• Sacrificial Anode - User replaceable


Solar Collector

• Tube glass - Borosilicate

• Standard Vacuum tube (58x1800mm)

• All aluminum frame


Safety Components

• Vent pipe


• Electrical thermostat controller (42° ~ 55°C)

• Sacrificial Anode


• Water input control valve

• Sediment removal (flushing) valve


Optional components (to purchase separately)

• Auto control valve for delivery temperature

• Remote electronic controller (temperature/ pressure) with display




Tank Dimensions


gross wt

Collector Area

gross wt

Total Area required


Electrical Backup



100 Ltrs / 2-3 persons

1.1m x 0.51m



10 tubes (1.9m x 0.9m)


3.0 m² (8' x 4')





150 Ltrs / 3-4 persons

1.37m x 0.51m



15 tubes (1.9m x 1.2m)


3.7 m² (8' x 5')





200 Ltrs / 4-6 persons

1.98m x 0.51m



20 tubes (1.9m x 1.8m)


5.2 m² (8' x 7')


3 kw


Polytherm 100L
100 Ltr for 3 Persons