Established since 1989, SUNBIRD has become the leading brand of Solar Water Heating products in Sri Lanka. with an unmatched after-sales service Island-wide as well as the Maldives...

Copper tubes are used in our collector panels and the storage tank is made of stainless steel with a special inner-coating to resist corrosion due to adverse water conditions. Both components are housed in aluminum outer shells. There are no moving parts inside and hence the unit requires little or no maintenance.

Supplying hot-water 24-hours-a-day is another distinct advantage over conventional electrical geysers. Installed by professional service teams, the system can be mounted on any type of roof structure or slab.

The product is also available as a Do-It-Yourself model which can be purchased directly from their showroom and can be installed by any knowledgeable plumber or any do-it-yourself enthusiast.

When sunlight is minimal the system can still be used, as it is supplemented by the optional use of a built-in electrical backup booster, giving the best of both worlds.





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