V A C U U M  T U B E   N O N - P R E S S U R E      (Vacuum Tube Pressure Non-Bearable Systems)


Comprising of the latest technology in the solar hot water industry ie Vacuum tubes , SUNBIRD units heat upto a temperature of 90-95C. These systems work equally well in areas with good sunlight and areas with low sunlight ( such as Nuwaraeliya)

All systems have a storage tank made of Stainless Steel with Polyurathene Foam insulation for long hours of heat retention.

Pressure non-bearable type systems (also known as VTN) are economical, and suitable for installation where the water line has low pressure only.


10 Year Warranty (with 2year warranty on the Heating Element provided)


Features at a glance

Latest Technology

Suitable for areas with potable water

No maintainance required

Overhead Tank should be within 2m of system

Reaches a temp of 90-95C

Economical solution

Cannot connect with a pressure pump

Suitable for areas with limited sunshine

Supplied components

Magnesium anode

Brackets for fixing on roof or slab

Water input control valve

Heating element

Air releif valve

Temperature Releif valve

Thermostatic temperature controller

Pressure releif valve

Optional components (to purchase seperately)

Automatic temperature controller

Electronic temperature and pressure controller with display

Technical Features

Tank - Stainless Steel SUS304 0.5mm

Panel - Vacuum Tubes

Insulation - Polyurethane Foam 2"

SS Rod Type Electric Booster Element

Outer cover - Aluminium

Housing - Aluminium Frame 

Side cups - UV stabilised fibreglass




Tube Non-Pressure - 200L
200/225 Ltr for 6 Persons

Tube Non-Pressure - 100L
100 Ltr for 3 Persons

Tube Non-Pressure - 300L
300 Ltr for 8 Persons

Tube Non-Pressure - 150L
150 Ltr for 4 Persons

Tube Non-Pressure - 80L
75/80 Ltr for 2 Persons