V A C U U M  T U B E   N O N - P R E S S U R E      (Vacuum Tube Pressure Non-Bearable Systems)

Pressure non-bearable type systems (also known as VTN) are economical, and suitable for installation where the water line has low pressure only.

All systems storage tank is made of Stainless Steel with Polyurathene Foam insulation for long hours of heat retention.


10 Year Warranty (with 2year warranty on the Heating Element provided)



Tube Non-Pressure - 80L
75/80 Ltr for 2 Persons

Tube Non-Pressure - 200L
200/225 Ltr for 6 Persons

Tube Non-Pressure - 100L
100 Ltr for 3 Persons

Tube Non-Pressure - 300L
300 Ltr for 8 Persons

Tube Non-Pressure - 150L
150 Ltr for 4 Persons