270w 62 cell poly crystalline modules- 12nos for 3Kw and 20nos for 5Kw.
Yes, Approval is needed only from CEB or LECO which is obtained, but finally CEB/LECO electricity account holder or his attorney power holder must sign a contract with CEB/LECO.
First we have to get the next available date from our installation team then 2 to 5 days to complete the installation depending on the size of the system.
Yes a pro-forma invoice signed by both parties with the necessary conditions.
No, If you expect to expand to a 5kW in the future You have to go for a 5kW inverter with 3 kW panels (12 panels) Then when expanding to a 5 kW system you need to add 8 more panels only.
No category change, Bill will be calculated according to the same category as before.
Yes now they transfer payments for the excess production on net accounting package directly to the bank Account monthly.
Panels will be installed on the roof and each panel will be 18Kg. Other components will be installed on a wall. Eg- 3 kW- 213 Kg 5 kW- 355 Kg