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F T P   S E R I E S

Flat-Plate (Pressure-bearable) Systems

♦   Pressure-bearable Systems suited for Potable Water

♦   Reaches temperatures of 55° – 65°C

The blackened aluminum absorber fins capture solar irradiation faster, and transfers it to the water via copper risers due to high thermal conductivity, ensuring the maximum efficiency of heating the water. As the temperature of water in the panel increases, it rises up to the insulated storage tank, to be replaced by cooler water from the tank – the solar-siphon effect. The hot water is then stored ready for your use – hot water free from the sun!

Our latest in-house technology to weld aluminum absorber fins improves the efficiency of our product by 15% (patent pending).

Black-Chrome plated panels (instead of standard panels) are also available on request (see Optional Components below).

SUNBIRD Flat-plate is the proud recipient of the Presidential Award in Energy, with its innovation for LOWEST OVERNIGHT HEAT LOSS by our patented design and technology.




This product is covered for all manufacturing defects for installation and use within standard parameters for potable water.

1 Year warranty on the Heating Element provided.


• Conventional System
• Can be used with a pressure booster pump
• Operating Pressure: 0 ~ 0.6Mpa (6bar)
• Suitable for areas with good sunshine
• No maintenance required
• Patented product; additional Patents pending
• Delivery pressure equals input pressure (no friction loss)
• Winner of Presidential Award in Energy
• Stainless Steel anchoring brackets for roof/slab

Hot water Storage Tank

• Stainless Steel – SUS304 (1mm)
• Long-lasting aluminum outer body
• Electrical Backup (3kw / 1.5kw)
• Machine-injected high-density Polyurethane foam insulation (50mm)
• UV stabilized fiberglass side covers
• Sacrificial Anode – User-replaceable

Solar Collector

• Copper risers for best heat transfer
• Machine-welded blackened Aluminum fins
• Panel Housing – Aluminum Frame with GI back
• Collector glass (3mm)
• High-quality glass fiber Insulation (25mm)
• Slim Panel design – only 65mm thick

Safety Components

• Anti-Vacuum protection assembly
• Electrical thermostat controller (42° ~ 55°C)
• Non-Return valve at the cold water inlet
• Auto Air Relief valve
• Sacrificial Anode
• Auto Pressure/Temperature relief valve

Optional components (to purchase separately)

• Black-Chrome plated collector panels
• Auto control valve for delivery temperature
• Remote electronic controller (temperature/ pressure) with display
• Tempered collector glass (5mm)


Module Types

Models Capacity/Usage Tank Dimensions gross wt Collector Area gross wt Total Area required Electrical Backup
FTP75 75 Ltrs / 1-2 persons 0.76m x 0.51m 94kg 1.22m x 0.91m (x1) 17kg 2.2 m² (6' x 4') 1.5kw
FTP100 100 Ltrs / 2-3 persons 1.1m x 0.51m 125kg 1.83m x 0.91m (x1) 24kg 3.0 m² (8' x 4') 1.5kw
FTP150 150 Ltrs / 3-4 persons 1.37m x 0.51m 182kg 1.83m x 1.22m (x1) 28kg 3.7 m² (8' x 5') 1.5kw
FTP225 225 Ltrs / 4-6 persons 1.98m x 0.51m 274kg 1.83m x 0.91m (x2) 39kg 5.2 m² (8' x 7') 3 kw
FTP300 300 Ltrs / 6-8 persons 2.6m x 0.51m 364kg 1.83m x 1.22m (x2) 52kg 6.7 m² (8' x 9') 3 kw
FTP450 450 Ltrs / 8-12 persons 2.6m x 0.66m 518kg 1.83m x 1.22m HD (x2) 59kg 7.5 m² (9' x 9') 3 kw x2

SUNBIRD reserves the right to make any amendments or additions to the information herein, in keeping with our policy on continued product research and development.

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