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Vacuum Tube (Non Pressure-bearable) Systems (VTN Series) – Sunbird


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V T N   S E R I E S

Vacuum Tube (Non Pressure-bearable) Systems

♦ –  Non Pressure-bearable System suited for Potable Water

♦ –  Reaches temperatures of 90° – 95°C

Module Types

ModelsCapacity/UsageTank Dimensionsgross wtCollector Areagross wtTotal Area requiredElectrical Backup
VTN8080 Ltrs / 1-2 persons0.76m x 0.51m94kg8 tubes (1.9m x 0.6m)15KG2.2 m² (8' x 3')1.5kw
VTN100100 Ltrs / 2-3 persons1.1m x 0.51m125kg10 tubes (1.9m x 0.9m)19kg3.0 m² (8' x 4')1.5kw
VTN150150 Ltrs / 3-4 persons1.37m x 0.51m182kg15 tubes (1.9m x 1.2m)28kg3.7 m² (8' x 5')1.5kw
VTN200200 Ltrs / 4-6 persons1.98m x 0.51m274kg20 tubes (1.9m x 1.8m)37kg5.2 m² (8' x 7')3 kw
VTN300300 Ltrs / 6-8 persons2.6m x 0.51m364kg30 tubes (1.9m x 2.4m)56kg6.7 m² (8' x 9')3 kw

SUNBIRD reserves the right to make any amendments or additions to the information herein, in keeping with our policy on continued product research and development.

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